After breaking down on the side of the road at night and calling for a tow truck, you should take measures to keep yourself safe while waiting for help to arrive. However, you also need to know what mistakes to avoid making that could put you at risk and make a difficult situation even worse

Neglecting to Have a Visible Sign

After making sure you have pulled your vehicle to the side of the road, you may decide to simply wait in the car until the tow truck driver arrives. Since the tow truck company knows you are broken down, you may feel that no one else needs to know.

However, you want everyone passing by to see your vehicle. Especially if you are on a dark road at night, other drivers may not be able to see your car. If they do not know you are there, they may accidentally hit your vehicle, causing injury to you and them, as well as causing a lot of property damage.

To make it easier for other motorists to see you, pop your hood, and place a white shirt or blanket on it so that their headlights reflect off of it. If you have flares, place them behind your car as a sign that you are there.

Trying to Flag Down Help

While you want passing motorists to be aware of your presence, you should not try to flag them down for help. You have called a towing company, so you already know help is on the way. Waving down people driving by could present a couple safety hazards, both to you and them.

For example, if you are on a dark road and suddenly start waving your arms to get a driver's attention, the sudden distraction could make them swerve. They may drive off the road or swerve and hit you if you are standing too close to the curb or your car.

Also, you do not know who is driving the car. Especially if you are alone, this could pose a serious safety risk. They may purposely look for stranded cars to prey on the people who are stranded. They may intend to rob or hurt you.

Avoiding the above mistakes while you are stranded on the side of the road waiting for a tow truck can keep you safe. For more safety tips, ask the dispatcher from the auto towing service while you are speaking with them on the phone so they can give you more specific instructions while you are waiting for the tow truck driver, such as from Michael's Towing & Recovery, to arrive.